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Hazkem is experienced across all aspects of dangerous goods and hazardous materials and has worked at the highest level of business to issue work permits on their behalf. We pride ourselves on the solid advice and direction we give to our clients to ensure a safe construction and working environment.

We provide advice ranging from the induction, training and supervision of staff within the field and installation specifications through to generic risk assessments and identification of hazards.

our services include:

  • Hot / Cold work
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Induction training and supervision
  • Construction / Installation specifications
  • Risk Assessment
  • Duty of operator
  • Identification of potential goods or materials' instability issues

our clients have included:

  • BP Australia
  • Mobil Oil Australia
  • Woolworths

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For more information regarding assistance in relation to the issuing of work permits for hazardous materials and dangerous goods, or risk assessments, simply contact Hazkem direct on (03) 9842 7300 or by submitting our enquiry form.

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