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Hazardous materials consultants

If your business plans to manufacture, supply, store or handle dangerous goods, hazardous materials or explosive storage design then Hazkem can help manage and monitor the compliance of the storage and transport of these in line with the legislative frameworks of your area. Our specialist team provide solutions which are achievable, manageable and financially viable. We have extensive experience working closely with governments and regulatory authorities and provide your company with the right advice, first time.

Our range of services include:

Hazardous Materials, Dangerous Goods Consulting

Hazkem assists businesses to manage the processes associated with the manufacture, storage, transport, transfer, sale and use of dangerous goods by undertaking rigourous risk assessments and hazard analysis according to your situation.

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Site Auditing & Compliance

Whether starting from scratch or looking to assess a physical location for takeover, Hazkem works with your business to assess a range of factors and issues that can affect your businesses ability to comply and can offer turn-key project design.

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Council Applications - All States

Councils and Shires across Australia require businesses who handle dangerous goods or hazardous materials to adhere to a range of regulations relevant to their area. This covers the storage, transport and handling of these goods or materials.

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Work Permits

Hazkem is experienced across all aspects of dangerous goods and hazardous materials and has worked at the highest level of business to issue work permits on their behalf. We pride ourselves on the solid advice and direction we give to our clients to ensure a safe construction and working environment.

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AutoCAD Work

Hazkem has proven knowledge in the fields of engineering design, construction and commissioning of works for the safe storage and handling of dangerous goods and hazardous materials

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Project Works

Hazkem has extensive industry experience which makes us the preferred consulting partner when it comes to the planning, construction and management of dangerous goods or hazardous materials

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Risk Assessments

Hazkem undertakes thorough and meticulous risk assessments to ensure your business implements the appropriate control measures to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment.

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Fire Authority Applications

Hazkem works with your business to assess your site and provide advice regarding your fire protection requirements to support your Fire Authority application

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Explosive storage design

We can assist with any dangerous goods storage design including class 1 explosives, through to class 9 miscellaneous.

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