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Hazkem was established in 1991 after Phil Kemm recognised the growing need for a consultancy industry which specialises in all facets of the manufacturing, supply and distribution of hazardous products. The company, led by Phil Kemm, features a team of specialists working closely with the industry to provide innovative and up-to date responses for business both here in Australia and internationally.

Expert knowledge & Professional Solutions

Their extensive knowledge ensures that Phil and his team are able to offer you a diverse range of services and the best possible solutions available, making your requirements achievable and readily manageable.

Hazkem has been engaged by national and multinational companies such as Shell, Kleenheat Gas, Origin, BHP Billiton and XStrata, just to name a few. It has wide ranging experience in the fuel, aviation, chemical, gas and manufacturing sectors.

The company is fully accredited in line with the legislative frameworks of Australia and its staff are members of AIDGC ( Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants ) and Energy Gas Australia.

Why choose Hazkem?

Striving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers with products and consulting services on hazardous materials and dangerous goods, makes Hazkem your number one choice for all your dangerous goods consulting requirements.

Solid advice and direction

Hazkem's reputation has enabled them develop close working relationships with governments and regulatory authorities in all states. Their role in providing specialist representation in the government and planning areas has earned them a high profile.

A profile that can work for you !

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