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Hazkem PM Press Release

Hazkem announces Project Management Division

Hazkem announces Project Management Division

Beginning July 2017, Hazkem will extend its offer to include the Project Management of works related to fuel and dangerous goods.

Phil Kemm, founder of Hazkem, announced the new division would open in FY17/18.

“Hazkem has been a quality provider of consulting services to the dangerous goods community for more than 25 years now. Last year, as I reflected on my time in the industry and as the owner of Hazkem, I realised I am not getting any younger! said Kemm. Mark Henderson had been assisting me with some system upgrades in the business his take on things made me realise I’d better start thinking about the Hazkem of the future.”

“I’ve been in this wonderful industry for over 35 years now and it has given me so much. Hazkem has now been going for 27 years and it has grown to be much bigger than just me. The Hazkem team is an extension of me and they deserve to know there is a plan in place for the future. Mark fitted in so well with our team and showed so much enthusiasm for the Hazkem brand, that I offered him a seat at the table. He was delighted to buy into the business and help me build the Hazkem of tomorrow!”

“Mark has made me feel 20 years younger and brought an entire new energy to Hazkem. We sat down immediately to look at how we complement each other. With a career in Project Management and the fact that I had been asked so many times to extend our services into that offering, we agreed we would start a new division in this financial year.”

Since joining Hazkem, Mark has spent 6 months transitioning the company to a new IT platform to ensure it can meet the demands of a changing market. With a customer base largely made up of multi nationals, the need to take a new approach to system and process was obvious.

Mark Henderson said “Phil has established the number one dangerous goods consultancy firm in Australia through hard work and second-to-none customer service. With the world changing at such a pace, Phil was the first to admit his grasp of technology was a little ‘yesterday’. The team here has been amazing in their adoption of what we have done and we are seeing great benefits.”

Since the start of the year, Hazkem has integrated an entirely new IT system. A world leading CRM and project management tool, complete overhaul of drawing and design standards and most recently attained ISNet accreditation to further formalise those process improvements.

Said Henderson “Everything was there at Hazkem, it just took Phil to find it! Dealing with the top end of town, and managing an ever changing workload, we had to take all the good and wrap a bit better process around it. I could not believe the ability of our team and their willingness to adopt new technology. It has had such a positive impact on our workflow. We’ve seen a substantial increase in efficiency, something that will reward the most important people – our customers!"

Mark, having finalised the IT platform upgrade and his purchase into the business, moves into the newly created role: Director, Project Management.

With over 20 years experience, he brings not only practical skills but management strength to head up this new division. Of the project management division, Henderson said “When Phil and I started discussing me coming into the business we looked at what role I could best play. For years, Phil’s customers had been pushing him to extend the Hazkem offering to a broader implementation and project management scope. But for him and where he was on the journey, it was more than he wanted take on. Leveraging my skill-set into something we had already been asked to offer seemed like a pretty solid idea, so after we ran it past a few of our customers, we decided the new financial year was a good time to kick off.”

Said Kemm, “It became obvious to me working with Mark on the IT upgrade that his project management and implementation skills were extensive. Coupled with his immediate passion for the Hazkem brand, it was a really easy decision to finally push the button on a project management division led by him.”

Further announcements on the project management team will follow very shortly and for any requirements, Mark is available on 03 9842 7300 to discuss.

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