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Based in Melbourne Australia, Hazkem dangerous goods consultants are recognised as being leaders in the industry having earned themselves a solid reputation of providing professional and affordable solutions concerning the compliance requirements associated with the storage, handling & transportation of hazardous materials to companies throughout Australia and overseas.

Why you need Hazkem

Businesses have a legal responsibility to manage the risks associated with dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Failure to properly manage these can have catastrophic consequences, causing harm to people, property and the environment, and resulting in harsh penalties for non-compliance.

Hazkem may just be the solution your business has been looking for!

Our years of experience & knowledge

Hazkem staff are accredited by the Australian Institute of Petroleum and trained in all the hazards associated with Service Station engineering and design. We develop specialised and comprehensive systems and solutions, tailored to your business, which comply with the regulatory framework of your State or Territory.

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Solid advice & direction

Our highly experienced team will work closely with your business, advising you of the correct steps required in order to gain the right certifications.

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Expertise & skills

With over 20 years consulting experience in the dangerous goods / hazardous chemicals industry, Hazkem solutions are both innovative and up-to date.

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Professional solutions

Hazkem can help your business manage and monitor the compliance concerning the storage, handling and transportation of dangerous goods.

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